Executive Search firms and Headhunters have traditionally fostered an image shrouded by the mystique of their profession – the network of contacts, the “black book”, discreet lunches with movers and shakers.

Fee structures have also been shrouded in mystery, but a “normal” industry fee can represent 25% to 40% of first year’s earnings. These levels were established when mobile phones were still science fiction and a computer required a dedicated air conditioned room.

In today’s connected, business and socially networked world, things are very different. Potential candidates are aware of the advantages of their own profile visibility and sophisticated research techniques have been developed to tap into them.

At Nexus, we believe our fee structure should reflect the efficiencies that improved communication has brought to our process. Our fee structure reflects our philosophy of “Payment on Results” and we aim to deliver faultless service for all of our clients and candidates alike.

Nexus Searchlight gives you all of this and more.